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Who can benefit from North Wyong Self Storage World?
Just about anyone. For instance, you might want to free up space in your home or garage, or you could use us for removal storage if you’re moving house. Just about any business can free up expensive office rental space by storing documents with us. Many businesses also use us for general storage solutions – excess stock, bulk storage, or looking after tools or samples. As we offer 24 hour self storage access that’s free and unlimited, some businesses find it useful to make their space a showroom or extension of their office, as well as for storage.
I'm moving house - why should I store with you?
If you’re selling your home, clearing out some of your possessions first will make it less cluttered and more attractive to buyers. If you’re in a chain that’s got held up then you can store everything with us for as long as it takes – your storage can be for as little as a month, and we only require 24 hours notice to vacate. We can also recommend local removal firms. And remember, we’re always checking prices locally so we can offer you the best possible deal on removal storage.
What exactly can I store?
As long as it’s not illegal, dangerous, highly inflammable, perishable, precious or alive you can store it.
How much will it cost?
You might be surprised at just how affordable our self storage solutions are. We’re also constantly checking our prices to make sure you always get the most cost-effective storage locally. Furthermore, the are ways in which you can save money, such as prepayment options.
How do I know someone won't tamper with or steal my possessions?
When you rent with us, your unit will be securely padlocked and only you will have the key. Even we don’t have access to your storage space. Other security measures include Alarms and P.E beams, nightly patrols and monitored 24 hour CCTV and extensive staff presence are just to name a few.
What about insurance?
For extra peace of mind, we offer flexible low cost insurance specially tailored to self storage.
Do you offer any other services?
We provide all the essentials and useful extras you could need for your self storage unit. Free trolley use, fork lift and pallet facilities available. There are also fax and photocopying avalable.
Why should I store with you when I can use a friend's attic or our garage for free?
Even friends (and the space they can offer) have their limits. Can you be sure everything is 100% safe and accessible? And how secure, clean and dry is your garage? Will everything fit in? (How about your car?!)
What's the minimum / maximum amount of time I can store for?
The minimum time is as little as one month, and the maximum is as long as you want. The notice period you give us can be as little as 24 hours – so you’ll never have to pay for storage time you don’t need.
What do you mean by 24 hour self storage?
Put simply, you can access your storage unit whenever you want, as often as you want. Our facility offers 24 hour access self storage, You can add to, take away from or just check up on your storage at a time to suit you – unlike some storage companies, we offer free, unlimited access.
What if I rent the wrong room size?
In this instance you can simply rebook and move to the correct room size. Or, if the right size isn’t available, you can take an additional room.
I'm not sure how everything should be packed - can you help?
Our trained, friendly staff are there to give you all the help and advice you need. We also stock a full range of packing materials suitable for all kinds of storage solutions.
I might need less / more space in the future. Is this a problem?
Of course not. You can easily decrease or increase the space you rent – so you’ll always have enough space, but never end up paying for too much space.